LADOT Launches Mobile Payment App for Transit Fares

If you’re a Los Angeles commuter using the LADOT transit system, and you have a smartphone, your life just got a little easier. No longer do you have to search for change to pay your fare or look for your pass card. There’s now a payment app for that. Yesterday, […]

North Korea, Hacking and the Art of Misdirection

2015 has just started with a healthy dose of stupid from President Obama. He recently imposed sanctions against North Korea for supposedly hacking Sony studios. Given that North Korea is only one of a number of possible culprits behind the hacking, this doesn’t make sense. Is this a diversion to […]

How to Keep Your Activity Tracking Data Private

Americans are becoming obsessed with tracking their activities. A growing number of people track all types of activities from their runs to their toilet breaks. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 60 percent of Americans now regularly track their weight, diet or exercise activity. A report by […]

Nude Pics, the Cloud and Privacy

Recently several nude pics of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and baseball player Justin Verlander have been leaked online. There’s much speculation as to how these photos were accessed. It was due to a bug in the iCloud. The hackers somehow gained access to the target’s email accounts […]

LAPD’s Growing Use of Surveillance State Technology

With the recent protest in Ferguson, MO over the shooting of Michael Brown and the heavy handed response of the Ferguson police department, bringing out mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles (MRAP), tear gas, snipers, and camouflaged dressed cops, much focus has been put on the militarization of the police force. Los […]

California SmartPhone Kill Switch Close to Reality

The next time you lose your smartphone, you may be able to exhale a little knowing whatever sensitive data on it is secured. Because instead of your phone winding up on the black market, you’ll be able to turn your phone into a useless brick, worthless to anyone but yourself. […]

Apple iBeacon Tech installed at Dodger Stadium

If you’re an iPhone carrying Dodger’s fan and you use the’s At the Ballpark app, your experience at the stadium is about to get an upgrade. That’s because the Dodger stadium has just got a hardware upgrade. On Feb. 14, 2014, Major League Baseball Advanced Media, also known as […]

Did John Thompson Break Silicon Valley’s Racial Glass Ceiling?

It’s no secret that Silicon Valley is not known for its diversity. Sure there are some minorities working there but not many. There are also some blacks heading up start ups but those numbers are depressingly low. According to a 2010 report by CB Insights: 87% of Venture Capitalist backed […]