About Me

The Digital Divide refers to a gap between groups of people in access to technology (e.g., computers and the internet) and technical knowledge. In the past, this disparity has been most noticeable among people living in rural and urban communities. In regards to Blacks, this divide has shrunk as they have started purchasing more computers and smartphones, but it still exists. Blacks still aren’t using the tech they have to their advantage

My name is Dirk Dickens. I’ve worked as a technical writer for industry leading software companies for over 10 years. I love learning and talking about technology. As an African American who has worked in the tech field for many years, I can say that there’s still a lack of Blacks in the field. They are still a rarity.

The purpose of my blog is to keep Blacks and others in the urban communities – specifically in Los Angeles – informed on tech news that affects their lives at home, school and in their careers. My goal is to keep them from falling behind in a world where technology plays an ever-increasing role in our lives and bridge the digital divide, one post at a time.