Let Silicon Valley Solve the Gun Violence Problem

During President Obama’s State of the Union Address on Jan, 29th, there was a shooting on the campus of Tennessee State University. We can add this to the growing number of campus shootings and incidences of gun violence in our country. According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and […]

NetFlix Ready to Battle Over Net Neutrality

Netflix, perhaps one of the biggest reasons for people “cutting their cables,” has fired a warning shot over the heads of the broadband internet service providers (ISPs) who might be plotting plans for blocking content or charging more to view it, now that the U.S. Court of Appeals has struck […]

Why Minorities Should Care about the End of Net Neutrality 1

When most people hear “Net Neutrality,” I think their eyes glaze over. I get it. It sounds pretty boring. It’s so boring that most media outlets have opted not to talk about it and its possible demise over the last few years. This is unfortunate because the rumors of its […]

TZ Tech Crawl Silicon Beach: Venice

There’s increasing buzz surrounding Silicon Beach–So Cal’s answer to Silicon Valley. If you’re curious and want an up close view of the startups of Silicon Beach, this weekend’s your chance. This past July TechZulu put on the TZ Tech Silicon Beach Crawl in Santa Monica. It was so popular, they’re […]

Networking with Blacks in Technology-Los Angeles at Google 1

Networking. That’s the buzzword these days for getting ahead in business. And even if you’re employed or have your own business, it still pays to stay connected–so I’m told–in your current field or maybe even something seemingly unrelated. Last Wednesday, in an effort to get out and network, I attended […]

Los Angeles Police Department Rolling Out Crime Predicting Software

Today’s police officers are getting real excited at the prospect of new law enforcement toys that will be in their hands in the near future. For example, there are the drones that will soon be available to help chase criminals down and then there’s that really cool, and slightly disturbing, […]

Black Girls Code Summer of Code Tour Coming to Los Angeles

Angelenos, if you have a precocious little girl looking for something to do this summer, there’s a computer workshop coming to town you might want to enroll her in. This one to two day workshop could put her on the road to becoming the next, Steve Jobs. Ok, maybe not. […]

Reading Rainbow Reborn as an App

The much beloved Reading Rainbow, the Emmy award winning children’s television series that aired on PBS from 1983 to 2009 and encouraged kids to read is making a comeback – in the form of a tech start-up. This past week, on June 19th, the Reading Rainbow was relaunched as an […]